"The city, it breaths. Listen as it inhales and exhales. The gentle rasping sound tells you it is not healthy but it is still hearty. We are the cure to that rasp. We can make things better. We can eliminate the rasp… and if we profit as we do, all the better."

The bustling port city of New Haven is home to more people than most have ever seen assembled. It is a cosmos unto itself. The spinning galaxy of New Haven thrives and at the center of it all is the City Senate. The ruling body of New Haven oversees the matters of state and at its center is Bjorn Flagstone.

Champion of the people, Bjorn uses his political power to wheel and deal to improve things as he sees fit. Working for Bjorn offers unique opportunities and challenges. Working in the shadows of Bjorn's world is especially interesting. One never knows what will need to be done next, all the while knowing nothing can be traced back to Bjorn.

New Haven Crew

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