New Haven

The city of New Haven is the prime port city in the country of Maioch. It sits on the Faerun Gulf. The large city is the biggest in the known world. It boasts a population over 3 million documented citizens. Through the center of the city is the Miskatonic River.

The city is governed by the City Senate. This elected body of 25 members meets on the Isle of Avalon in the Miskatonic River. The Senate represents the various  boroughs of the city:

- The Aerie (Dwarven section)

- The Cellar (Elven section)

- The Docks (Import/Export Center and Immigration Center)

- Dog Town (Middle Class/Lower Middle Class section of city)

- Hells' KItchen (Immigrant Slums of city)

- The Hive (Commercial/industrial center)

- Morristown (Upper Middle Class / Middle Class section of city)

- The Narrows (Slums)

- Newport (Upper Class Estates)

- The Park (Undeveloped section of the city)

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New Haven

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